Immediate need for translator in CT

NEJETAA received the following immediate translator request from NEJETAA member, Holly. Please contact Lesley directly for any questions:
Hello Everyone,
My company has an urgent need for someone who can translate between English and Japanese at our plant in East Haven, CT from today through Wednesday. Is there anyone in the North East available who knows Japanese? We can pay travel and put you up in a local hotel, plus of course we will pay you the going rate for on-site interpretation (I think this is in the range of $70/hr). Please let me know if you are interested, or if you know of someone who you could pass this along to.
lesleydf at alum dot mit dot edu

May 2012 Election results

Congratulations to Jason Currier as our new Vice President, Patricia Frisoli as Treasurer, and Kasey Doran as Social Chair!
Also thank you to Anita Brewer for your service as Vice President! 
Jenny Cheng has offered her support as Social Committee and to support the planning and announcing of social events where needed.
Thank you all for voting and welcome to the new board members!
Minutes from the May General Meeting and Elections are available on our site here. Thanks to Anita for taking the minutes. 

CMS / Cool Japan Colloquium – Dave Thompkins on Vocoder

YOU ARE INVITED to a talk and discussion with Dave Tompkins, author of a new book that explores the intersections of music, technology, militarism and the magic of the unreal voice.  
This event is part of the Comparative Media Studies colloquium series, and is co-sponsored by MIT Cool Japan and the MIT Writing Program.  There will be a light dinner / reception afterwards.  The event is free and open to the public.   
How to Wreck a Nice Beach:  
Hearing Things with the Vocoder, From WWII to Hip-Hop
Dave Tompkins
May 10, 2012 (Thursday) 5-7pm
Room E14-633, MIT Map
Colloquium | 05.10.12 | 5:00 PM | E14-633
How To Wreck A Nice Speech: Hearing Things With The Vocoder, From World War II To Hip-Hop
Dave Tompkins
Invented by Bell Labs in 1928 to reduce bandwidth over the Trans Atantic Cable, the vocoder would end up guarding phone conversations from eavesdroppers during World War II. By the Vietnam War, the “spectral decomposer” had been re-freaked as a robotic voice for musicians. How To Wreck A Nice Beach is about hearing things, from a misunderstood technology which in itself often spoke under conditions of anonymity. This is a terminal beach-slap of the history of electronic voices: from Nazi research labs to Stalin gulags, from World’s Fairs to Hiroshima, from Churchill and JKF to Kubrick and Kinski, The O.C. and Rammellzee, artificial larynges and Auto-Tune. Vocoder compression technology is now a cell phone standard–we communicate via flawed digital replicas of ourselves every day. Imperfect to be real, we revel in signal corruption.
Dave Tompkins’ first book, How To Wreck A Nice Beach: The Vocoder From World War II To Hip-Hop, is now out in paperback. Amazon named it “top pick” for Entertainment book of the year in 2010. He has presented on the vocoder in Germany, Netherlands (Jan Van Eyck), New York (Eyebeam Institute), London, Poland (Unsound Festival), and at the NSA Cryptologic Symposium held at the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. Tompkins has written for Grantland, Oxford American, The Believer and The Wire. Tompkins is currently researching Sustained Decay bass sub-frequencies in Florida. Born in North Carolina, he now lives in Brooklyn.

May 2012 Elections now open!

NEJETAA elections are now open for Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair. Please cast your votes ONLINE here on our website: by 6pm Wednesday May 16th.The voting section will appear on the right side of the page after you login with your username and password. If you would like to write-in a candidate please email it to Christina at webmaster at nejetaa dot com. 

To vote, you need to be a registered user on our site (just takes a minute to sign up!). See end of the message for details on how to register and vote online.

 If you prefer to vote in person or would just like to join us for planning our upcoming events, you must RSVP as soon as possible to Kasey at social at nejetaa dot com because we provide your names to security (you must also bring a photo ID to the meeting or you won’t be allowed into the building). A light dinner will be provided by NEJETAA.

Click here for the meeting agenda

Where: 600 Atlantic Avenue, Federal Reserve Plaza, 22nd Floor (map)
When: Wed. May. 16, 6pm.

Why: Vote and discuss upcoming events (Membership update, Photo Exhibit, JET Orientation, Career Workshop, and a possible sub-chapter or summer event!) 



Jason Currier for Vice President

Hi fellow NEJETAA members,

My name is Jason Currier, and I am running for the vice president position. I was a JET in Fukui-ken from 2007-2010. I work at the Japanese consulate in Boston, and I’ve also served as NEJETAA’s treasurer for the past year.

I’ve been involved with NEJETAA ever since I returned from Japan, and I believe the organization is a very important one. Our goal is to connect former JETs to one another through activities such as happy hours, nihongo dake dinners, and career fairs. I’ve met many of you through these events, and also through events related to my work at the consulate.

My goals as vice president are to increase participation in NEJETAA events, and to reach out to former JETs outside of the Boston area.  I also feel that by working at the consulate, I can serve as the bridge between the JET community and the consulate.

In short, I ask for your consideration as vice president of the organization. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to see many more of you at upcoming events this year.

Best regards,

Jason Currier

Patricia Frisoli for Treasurer 

My name is Patricia Frisoli, and I hope to serve as your Treasurer for NEJETAA for the coming year.  I was an ALT in Taka-chou, Hyougo-ken from 2005 to 2008. For the past couple years I have been an avid member of NEJETAA and would love to have the opportunity to give back.  I really enjoy being involved in NEJETAA’s many events throughout the year and connecting with Boston’s Japanese community.

My goals for this year include:
– provide logistical support to make your good ideas become reality 
– balance budgetary concerns so we may continue to connect members with activities they are interested in
– strengthen partnerships with other local Japan-affiliated organizations 
Like many of you, JET was an amazing time of my life, and I have made incredibly rewarding relationships with like minded people through NEJETAA.
I would be proud to represent the New England JETAA chapter.
Thank you for your vote!
Patricia Frisoli

Kasey Doran for Social Chair

As Social Chair I hope to bring more JET Alumni members of New England into our community, encouraging them to continue their JET experiences upon returning home. I want to incorporate more ideas from our untapped resources and create a Social Committee to more effectively manage and promote our Alumni Events.


Voting instructions below:


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Opening reception for NEJETAA photo show, Michio Ihara art sculptures at Logan

Update: pictures from the reception can be found on our Facebook page here. 
Great news!  There will be an Opening Reception for the NEJETAA photography exhibit—I hope that you can all come.
Monday, May 21, 6:00-8:00pm
Logan Airport Terminal E, Lower (Arrival) Level
We need rsvp’s for the catering headcount (hors d’oeuvres and wine/beer).
Please reply by next Friday,  May 18 (you are welcome to bring friends, just let us know how many/who)
Jason Currier will take responses at j.currier at cgjbos dot org
BTW, the opening will also be in celebration of the works of Michio Ihara, a remarkable sculptor whose works are also newly on display in Terminal E.
Susan Gill
Assistant for Information and Cultural Affairs
Consulate General of Japan
Federal Reserve Plaza, 22nd Floor
600 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

MEXT Scholarship applications now available: Due June 8

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to return to Japan as a graduate student.

Applications are now available for the 2013 Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Research Student Scholarship.  The MEXT Research Student award allows those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree to study as research or graduate students at Japanese universities. MEXT Scholarship recipients will study in Japan for a period of one and a half to two years, beginning in April or October 2013.

Applicants should have Japanese language ability strong enough to successfully carry out their research.
Our office can accept applications only from US citizens who are residents of or studying in the six New England states.

Completed applications must be received at the Consulate of Japan in Boston by June 8, 2012.  Language testing and interviews will take place at our office in late June.

Guidelines and applications can be found here.

Questions to: s.gill at cgjbos dot org


Resident Assistant job at Showa Boston

Resident Assistant (RA) Position at Showa Boston Institute
Immediate Supervisor:  Resident Services Coordinator
Position Summary:
Live-in position mentoring and supporting predominately female, Japanese study-abroad students at an academic-residential campus.
Provide diverse, individual, and group learning opportunities for students to communicate in English and become more familiar with American culture.
Position is non-paid, residential, part-time position.  Full room and board and use of facilities are provided in exchange for services.
RA’s work an average of 10-12 hours a week, predominately evenings and weekends, in exchange for private room with a private bath, full meal plan, use of campus facilities (including pool, Jacuzzi, and computer lab), free parking, wireless internet, discounted Japanese lessons on campus, and free shuttle bus (Showa to/from Reservoir T stop)
General responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
Be available and accessible to students and regularly interact with both wing residents and the Showa Boston community.
Create a welcoming, safe residential environment.
Care for students when they need help, including assisting with medical issues as directed by Student Services staff.
Perform overnight duty as the RA on-call as assigned, approximately 3 times per month.
Plan, facilitate, and chaperone events for students both on and off campus.
Facilitate one program/activity per month minimum.
Participate in Showa Boston community events, held both on and off campus.
Prepare for, help coordinate, and participate in group arrivals and departures.
Lead and actively participate in all orientation activities for each incoming group, including but not limited to: Group Arrival, Campus Tour, Welcome Party, City Tour, and Coolidge Corner Tour (all activities typically happen within the first 5 days of arrival).
Change and update wing bulletin board at least once per semester.
Hold regular, posted office hours for students.
Share information with Student Services staff regarding students’ welfare on a regular basis.
Submit detailed monthly reports to the Resident Services Coordinator.
Participate in all Resident Assistant staff meetings, including Monday evenings from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.
Participate in Resident Assistant in-service learning workshops.
Meet weekly with wing co-RA to collaborate on wing activities and budget. 
Meet weekly with wing leaders.
Meet with co-RA and Resident Services Coordinator as needed.
Other duties may be assigned based on the needs of the Student Services Department at Showa Boston.
Native English speaker
BA/BS degree preferred
Previous Residence Life and/or Student Life experience preferred
Interest in and/or experience with international or intercultural education preferred
Interest in and/or experience with Japanese culture a plus 
Send resumes to:
Judy Walter, SPHR
Showa Institute for Language and Culture
420 Pond Street
Boston MA 02130
jwalter at showaboston dot edu

May 2012 Elections: Call for Platforms! And General Meeting

NEJETAA is having officer elections for Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair on Wed. May 16th at our General Meeting at 6pm at the Consulate General of Japan Offices in the Federal Reserve Building.
To RSVP for the meeting, please email Kasey our Social Chair at social at nejetaa dot com by SUNDAY MAY 6TH. We’ll be providing a free dinner for attendees but you must RSVP and bring a photo ID to show to security in order to enter the building.
If you cannot attend the meeting, please register here on our website if you haven’t already to be able to vote online next week.
Where: 600 Atlantic Avenue, Federal Reserve Plaza, 22nd Floor (map)
When: Wed. May. 16, 6pm.
Why: Vote and discuss upcoming events (Membership update, Photo Exhibit, JET Orientation, Career Workshop, and a possible sub-chapter or summer event!)
Members will be voting for Vice President, Treasurer, and Social Chair. Officers are entitled to a free ($45 value!) membership to the Japan Society in Boston, as well as other perks.
Positions are normally for a one year term, no term limits. Officers are expected to attend as many of the 6 general meetings (held every two months) and 2-4 executive meetings (held as necessary) per year as possible, with 50% attendance as a minimum.
We are asking for platforms of all interested candidates to be submitted for review by our membership. If you’re interested in joining the NEJETAA board, please submit a platform!
What we need:
*Less than 200 words
*What you want to accomplish in your time as an officer
Please don’t include any sensitive personal information (phone number, email, etc.), as your platform will be posted online for the membership to read. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just introduce yourself to everyone and tell us what you want to do!
Please send your platform to Christina at webmaster at nejetaa dot com BY 9PM TUES. MAY 8TH.  Shortly thereafter it will be published for the general membership to review and vote over a one week period from Wed. May 9th until the time of the General Meeting on Wed. May 16th.
Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!
The NEJETAA Officers
Click below to read the officer responsibilities.  NOTE: All officer duties are listed in the Officer Description and Duties file in our downloads section.

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