Nov. 2013 Elections are now open!

NEJETAA elections are now open for President, Membership Coordinator, Communications Coordinator/Webmaster.

Please cast your votes ONLINE here on our website: by 6pm Wed. Nov. 6th. (As a reminder, we’ll have a General Meeting that day, at 6pm, so you may vote in person if you prefer.) The voting section will appear on the right side of the page after you login with your username and password.

Click the “read more” section below to access voting instructions. To vote, you need to be a registered user on our site (just takes a minute to sign up!).

General Meeting:
Also, NEJETAA officers and alumni are meeting up at the Bourbon Coffee in Porter Square on Wed. No. 6 at 6pm to say goodbye to our departing officers and welcome the new ones! Please RSVP to Brian at membership at nejetaa dot com if you’d like to join us. We’ll provide some snacks and we’ll talk about our upcoming events: a ramen outing, networking or trivia, and a ski trip! Agenda is here.



You will have the chance to vote for or against new NEJETAA chapter bylaws. Please view the new bylaws here and the old bylaws here




Brian Peckrill for President

Hello! My name is Brian Peckrill and please accept this platform for the President of the New England JET Alumni Association. Over the past two years, I have been actively involved with NEJETAA as the Membership Coordinator. In this position, I have spearheaded various initiatives to enhance communications and membership campaigns. In 2010, with the help of our Webmaster, NEJETAA transitioned away from Yahoo! Groups to Mailchimp, while unveiling an annual membership survey. Our new CRM and survey have been invaluable tools in learning what programming to provide to New England’s JET Alumni base. With such information, NEJETAA was able to shift away from traditional Japanese classes and is currently planning a Japanese Culture symposium.

As President of NEJETAA, I hope to maintain, and grow the relationships NEJETAA has fostered with other Boston-based Japan groups under previous presidents. Additionally, as NEJETAA gears-up to host the 2014 JETAA Regional Conference, I will lean on my vast knowledge of JETAA to guarantee that NEJETAA is ready and equipped to represent our chapter in its best light possible. It was an honor serving as NEJETAA’s Membership Coordinator in 2012 & 2013, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue as President in 2014.

Matt Castle for Membership Coordinator

Hello Everyone.

My name is Matt Castle and I’m running for the position of Membership Coordinator. I was a ALT in Yamanashi-Ken from 2011-2013 and I’m running for the position of Membership Coordinator. As Membership Coordinator I’ll build on the work that Brian has done over the past two years in improving NEJETAA’s outreach and membership numbers. Vital to achieving this are your opinions and thoughts, which I’ll listen to and bring to the Board.

As Membership Coordinator I plan to find ways to make our membership more inclusive and able to have more events throughout New England. I want us to make more use of the wonderful region in which we live, and to provide an increasing diversity of events to you. My first major plan as Membership Coordinator will be to create and then distribute a survey to the membership asking you what your interests are, what types of activities you’d like to see more of and what you want see less of. I’ll then present the results to the Board and this will be used to help guide future planning of events.

Matt Castle

Bill Zagata for Membership Coordinator

 Hello, my name is Bill Zagata and I would like to be the next Membership Coordinator for the NEJETAA.  I spent three years living and working in Toyama-ken as an Assistant Language Teacher and have been fortunate to live and work in Japan after the JET Programme.  As the next Membership Coordinator, I look forward to working with the incoming President and committee chairs to strengthen the network of JET alumni in New England.   As we will host the 2014 JETAA Regional Conference, I plan on working closely with the other officers to organize a successful conference with the intent of increasing active membership and improving overall membership management for our chapter.

In addition to engaging the new 2014 JET participants and returnees, I would like to reach out to former participants that may have fallen off the radar but are still in the area as well as business leaders that maintain a connection to Japan.  I will be proactive in creating varied and interesting opportunities for alumni to interact with Japanese speakers through organized language and cultural classes or exchanges.

Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to be your next Membership Coordinator.

Tim Ogino for Communications Coordinator/Webmaster

Hello everyone. My name is Tim Ogino, and I am running for the position of Communications Coordinator/Webmaster. My philosophy about our communications is short and sweet: informative, prompt, and relevant.

I think that using Mailchimp is an effective and clean way to deliver updates to the membership, and I would continue to use that platform in addition to social media. In my past experience as Director of D.C.’s largest student-run math and science outreach program, I have experimented with and used several different mail delivery methods including Mailchimp. I also created and implemented a new mailing system that provided informational updates to membership about upcoming events and opportunities.

My main goal for the year would be to improve the website as a go to resource of restaurants, shops, events, and opportunities in the Japan-US community in New England. My prefecture’s website,, has been praised by JETs from all over Japan as a great all-around professional and lifestyle resource, and I would explore adapting some of its elements and interactivity to our website.

I’m always open to suggestions and would be happy to discuss any ideas to improve our web-presence, social media, and communications!

Thank you for your consideration.

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Governor of Kumamoto, Ikuo Kabashima speaking at Harvard

Here is an event that may be of particular interest to Kumamoto JET alums!

Ikuo Kabashima
Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
The Political Economy of Kumamon: A New Frontier in Japan’s Public Administration

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 12:30pm to 2:00pmA

Moderator: Susan Pharr
Director, Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, and Edwin O. Reischauer Professor of Japanese Politics

(Co-sponsored by the Fellows Program, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs)

Dr. Kabashima is currently serving his second term as the Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture, where he led the creation of “Kumamon” as Kumamoto’s brand in Japan and the world. Prior to his career in public service, he taught at the University of Tokyo as Professor at the Graduate School of Law and Politics. He is a prolific scholar of political parties, political participation, media, elections, and other topics related to contemporary Japanese politics. His books include Changing Politics in Japan (co-author, Cornell UP, 2009), Seiji sanka (University of Tokyo Press, 1988), and Sengo seiji no kiseki (Iwanami, 2004). He has also served as Dean of the Graduate School of International Political Economy and Professor in the College of Policy and Planning Sciences at Tsukuba University. He came to the US as an agricultural trainee in Idaho, received his BA (Agriculture) from University of Nebraska, MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and Ph.D (Political Economy and Government) from Harvard University.

Belfer Case Study Room (S020), CGIS South, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA

Here is a short introduction video to his views on politics.


NEJETAA to host 2014 JETAA Regional Conference

NEJETAA is excited to announce that it will be hosting the JET Alumni Association (JETAA) 2014 Regional Conference.  The conference will be the weekend of January 10-12 and will be held at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University.

The Regional Conference is traditionally a biennial conference used to support the administrative growth of JETAA chapters. 2012 was hosted in Denver by JETAA Rocky Mountain and 2010 by JETAA Portland. NEJETAA is expecting 23 JETAA officers from 14 JETAA chapters throughout the US and Canada.  NEJETAA is also expecting guests and support from CLAIR New York, the U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation, the Consulate-General of Japan in Boston and other Japan and Alumni organizations from around New England. The conference will have a focus on Membership Management to strengthen the numbers and networks of JETAA chapters across the globe.

NEJETAA is currently recruiting Conference Special Committee members to assist in the planning and execution of the conference.  Whether you are interested in forging stronger ties with NEJETAA and the Japan associations of Greater Boston, developing your professional experience or simply trying your hand in something new, please fill out this form and the executive board will contact you with more information on how you can assist.

Please keep your eyes peeled for more announcements regarding this exciting development!

Nov. 2013 Elections and Bylaws voting: Call for Platforms!

NEJETAA officer elections and the General Meeting is on Wed., November 6 at Bourbon Coffee in Porter Square Exchange. Save the date! Snacks will be provided. More details about the meeting will be announced shortly.

At that time, members will be voting for President, Membership Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator/Webmaster as well as voting for or against new chapter bylaws. Voting will also be available online with instructions from Wed. Oct. 30.

*Please refer to the bylaws with the updated officer duties/responsibilities at the end*

Positions are normally for a one year term, no term limits. Officers are expected to attend as many of the executive meetings (held as necessary) and general meetings per year as possible, with 50% attendance as a minimum.

We are asking for platforms of all interested candidates to be submitted for review by our membership. If you’re interested in joining the NEJETAA board, please submit a platform!

What we need:
*Less than 200 words
*What you want to accomplish in your time as an officer

Please don’t include any sensitive personal information (phone number, email, etc.), as your platform will be posted online for the membership to read. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just introduce yourself to everyone and tell us what you want to do! Check out platforms from last year’s elections here.


Please send your platform to Christina at webmaster at nejetaa dot com BY TUES. OCT. 29. On Wed. Oct. 30 it will be published for the general membership to review and vote on by Wed, Nov. 6 at our General Meeting.

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!
The NEJETAA Officers


Click below to read the updated chapter bylaws and officer responsibilities.


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Japanese job info-sessions in Boston

NEJETAA received the following information from a local recruiting company. 
This is Maiko Matsukura from Lighthouse Global Inc. We are assisting those who are interested in working in Japan. This coming November, we are organizing four companies’ information sessions and interviews.  It is going to be a day before Boston Career Forum.  Please let me know if you had any questions! 
Maiko Matsukura
Lighthouse Global Inc.
1972 Massachusetts Ave. 4th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02140
Email: matsukura at lighthouse-gl dot com
Mitsubishi Electric is a recognized leader in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic equipment, and a place where some of the brightest minds get together to create the innovations that make the modern world work. We offer opportunities for a valuable and rewarding career in a variety of fields. Join our company information session to talk to employees in person and find out your possibility! 
【Date】Thursday, November 7th, ①15:00~17:00, ②18:00~20:00
【Place】Boston University Campus (Detail will be informed to those who registered)
【Registration Deadline】October 30th
【Contents】Information session, Q&A, Casual discussion time
【Open positions】Engineering related positions, research and development positions, and more. 
【Requirement】Business level of Japanese proficiency is must.
                         Majoring in engineering, electronic, mechanical, IT related fields, chemical or physical science fields. 
                         Must be able to start working either from Oct, 2014, April or Oct 2015. 
【Registration】Register from:
Or email to (please include your name, the name of the university, majors, graduation year, phone number, email address)
※ Those who registered will receive details about the sessions. 
Email matsukura at lighthouse-gl dot com   if you have any questions
【Company Introduction (Japanese Only)】
                             Nov, 7th @ Boston 
NIPPON SODA is a chemical company that stresses technology with a global perspective. 
With its technologies, researches, and developments accumulated in the past 90 years, the company is continuously developing fine-value added products in the fields of agri-business, pharmaceutical, speciality chemicals, eco-business and consumer chemicals, and chlor-alcali. 
Due to the company’s globalization and demands from its clients, Nippon Soda is facing the urgent need to recruit capable people with international perspectives. 
This time, Nippon Soda is holding the dinner meeting for those who are interested to know more details about the company’s fields.
If you are interested in working for Japanese company, this is going to be the great chance to approach HR and ask personal questions. 
* Business level of Japanese proficiency is required, as all the meeting will be held in Japanese only.
NIPPON SODA Co., LTD Company Information Session
Thursday, November, 7th   6:30pm〜8:30pm @ Lighthouse Global Boston Office
* Address of the office will be provided to those who registered.
◇Company information session by HR
◇Casual meeting at the near by restaurant
   *free of charge
■Opening Positions
Full-time positions in various engineering fields and business management areas in Tokyo, Japan. 
Business level of Japanese language proficiency is must.
Must be able to start working from April 2014
Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural related background are plus. 
Or, email to cr at lighthouse-gl dot com 
* Please include your name, college, major, phone number, expected graduation year. 
  Title is to be NIPPON SODA. 
* Registration Deadline: October 30th
Details about the company information session will be sent to those who registered. 
             Information Session and Interview @ Boston 
                                Nov. 8th & 10th 
Japanese IT solutions company, INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. (“ID”)  offers a comprehensive IT outsourcing service, i-Bos24®, which covers consulting, software development, system operation management, cloud/security, and BPO since 1969, and extended its business in China, Singapore, United States, and England.
In order to provide advanced services to customers from all over the world, ID is facing the urgent needs to recruit those who are equipped with global perspectives.
We invite you to the ID’s information session and interview on November 8th and 10th. 
【Date】Friday, November 8th, 18:00〜20:00 
    Sunday, November 10th, 10:00〜12:00
【Place】Lighthouse Global Inc. Boston Office, 1972 Massachusetts Avenue, 4th Fl, Cambridge, MA 02140
【Contents】Information session, Q&A, Group or individual interview 
             * Those who want to have an interview need to send resume to Lighthouse Global Inc. beforehand. 
【Open positions】Business management, System engineer, Programmer, System operator, and more.
【Requirement】Conversation level of Japanese proficiency. 
                         All majors are welcomed. 
                         Engineering or Business background is a plus.
・The representative of ID America will be there to talk with you and explain about the company. 
・You can choose from two dates, Nov 8th or 10th. 
・You can also have an interview on the same day. Those who passed the first interview may have a final interview with the CEO between Nov 16th to 18th in Boston. 
【Registration】Register from:
※ Those who registered will receive details about the sessions. 
Email matsukura at lighthouse-gl dot com with any questions  
* More information about ID’s business can be found at

Job Fair: Japanese Boston Career Forum Nov 8-10

Boston Career Forum is the world’s largest Japanese-English bilingual job fair. At the Boston Career Forum, students and working professionals have launched their careers. Entering its 27th year, it is now YOUR turn to advance your career at the Boston Career Forum.
Japanese-English bilinguals (at minimum conversational level in English and Japanese), who are graduating, seeking internships, graduated and on their OPTs, or working professionals, all are welcome to participate.
Nov. 8th~10th(Fri.~Sun.), 2013
415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210
TEL. (617) 954-2000
Qualifications to Participate
Japanese-English bilingual (at minimum conversational level in Japanese and English) and one of the following:
Currently enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. program outside of Japan
Graduated from a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. program outside of Japan
Student from Japan currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate exchange program
Working professionals
Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and first-year graduate students are welcome to attend for internship opportunities and to learn more about the companies
Professional Business Attire Required
*Because the Career Forum is a job fair event, professional business attire is required for all Career Forum participants. Casual attire such as jeans, t-shirts and sneakers are not permitted at the event.
Event Schedule
November 8th (Fri.) & 9th (Sat.), 2013
9:00am Registration for pre-registrants starts
9:15am Walk-in registration begins (depending on traffic, registration may start earlier)
10:00am Company seminars begin
5:00pm Registration closes
6:00pm Booths close
7:00pm Interview rooms close
November 10th (Sun.)
9:00am Registration and Interviews begin
10:00am Company seminars begin
12:00pm Registration closes*
3:00pm Booths and Interview rooms close
* If you are not checked in by the “Registration closes” time, you will not be able to enter the event hall.

Job: NYC Reporter/Researcher at Yomiuri Shimbun

Position: Reporter/Researcher
Posted By: The Yomiuri Shimbun
Location: New York City
Main duties involve assisting a Japanese business news correspondent by covering markets and earning calls, arranging and conducting interviews, attending press conferences, doing research, and tracking relevant news stories in industries such as tech, auto and banking.
Strong interest in journalism
Attention to accuracy
Ability to multitask under daily deadlines
Taking directions well and working collaboratively with others
Able to rapidly synthesize information and write concise memos
Rapid and precise transcription ability
*NOTE: There are no byline opportunities in this position as the work involves reporting and researching for stories that will be written in Japanese. In addition, some travel for reporting on news stories and trade show conventions may be required. 
Application Instructions:
Apply by e-mail to:
yomiurinyjob2013 at  gmail dot com
Send letter and resume to:
Eiji Hirose
New York Bureau Chief
The Yomiuri Shimbun
The Yomiuri Shimbun is the largest daily newspaper in Japan with a circulation of nearly 10 million and an estimated daily readership exceeding 26 million people. They are headquartered in Tokyo and have 28 international bureaus, three of which (New York, Washington and LA) are located in the United States. 

Welcome Back Party for New JET Returnees

Welcome Back Party/Potluck
Saturday, Oct. 19th from 2 to 5+ pm
Hello Recent Returnees and NEJETAA Members!
Please join us for our annual Welcome Back Party/Potluck on Saturday,  October 19th at our Membership Coordinator’s Brain’s apartment in Allston. We hope you will enjoy some delicious homemade yakisoba and other goodies.  
Please also bring a dish or drinks to share.
Come out to see fellow JET alumni and share Japan stories, as well as get advice on job hunting and life after JET. 
After, we’ll head to DoReMi to sing our favorite Japanese (or English) songs!
What: Welcome Back Party/Potluck
Who: Recent Returnees, JETAA members, and friends
When: Saturday Oct 19th 2-5pm
Where:  Allston, MA (address to be given upon RSVP) The home is about one mile from Harvard Sq and the Redline and also Green Line accessible. The street does have parking, so feel free to drive!
Please RSVP to Brian at membership at nejetaa dot com by Thursday, October 17 and include:
– You/ your guests’ names
– What you plan to bring
– If you can carpool to the event
Hope to see you there!
Katie (Social Chair) and the NEJETAA Board

Job: Group Guides for Japanese exchange students

Although the following Group Guides are for DC, Nashville, Chicago, and Denver right now, there are possibilities for future locations that may include Boston. If you are in the Boston area and are interested, please let Megan (email) below know! There are several JET alumni working in the Laurasian Institution on the Kakehashi Project.
Washington, D.C., Nashville, Chicago, Denver
The Laurasian Institution of Seattle, WA is seeking guides for groups of 25 participants visiting the United States from Japan in October and November 2013. Groups will be comprised of 24 high school or university students and 1~2 adult chaperones. Groups will visit the United States for a period of 10 days, including sightseeing in major cities and a homestay in locations throughout the country.
Guides will meet groups at the airport in the arrival city, lead them through scheduled orientation and sightseeing activities, accompany them to the homestay location and departure city, and see them off at the airport.
Description of Duties:
Guide groups through all scheduled activities, including arrival/departure at airports, mealtimes, orientation, sightseeing, travel to/from homestay locations, host school activities, etc.
Ensure the group stays together at all times
Ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the group by handling medical or other emergency situations.
Interpreting between group members, vendors, and others throughout the trip as needed
Summary of Requirements
Native English speakers with highly functional Japanese abilities (minimum JLPT Level 2/N2 or equivalent)
Background in education, youth exchange, and/or Japan-related work experience
All-day time commitment for 10 days, including being on-call at night
Experience with Japanese students and/or the Japanese school system
Familiarity with Japanese health insurance procedures
Residence in and knowledge of the geography, history and culture of at least one of the major cities (Chicago, Denver, Washington D.C. or Nashville)
Ability to handle emergencies and work under pressure
Strong communication skills, both oral and written
Demonstrated experience as a leader
Bachelor’s degree
Pass a criminal background check
$2,250 for 10 days as group guide
Transportation to/from major cities (either Chicago & Denver or Washington D.C. & Nashville) during the trip
Transportation to/from the homestay location
Meals and lodging during trip
Trip Dates & Locations
Tour 1: October 27th – November 5th, 2012 (Washington D.C. & Nashville)
Tour 2: November 3 – 12, 2012 (Chicago & Denver)
To be considered, please send your resume, cover letter, your base city (Chicago, Denver, Washington D.C. or Nashville) and a list of all available dates to Megan Bernard at mbernard at laurasian dot org.  Travel must begin or end in one of the four major cities, therefore applicants located outside of those cities will not be considered. No phone calls, please.