A message from the Prime Minister’s Office to JETAA

Greetings to all members of JET Alumni Association from the Cabinet Public Relations Office of the Government of Japan.


“We Are Tomodachi” is an e-book published with the aim of further deepening people’s understanding of the initiatives of the Government of Japan and the charms of Japan.


With the recent events that have taken place, including the visit to Japan by the U.S. President and the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to European countries from late April to early May, we recently released the spring/summer edition, which is a revised version of the spring edition. The link is as follows. 


We are Tomodachi Spring/ Summer 2014



*Clicking on the E-BOOK icon at the center of the screen will allow you to view the e-book in browsing mode.

The PDF version is available for download by clicking on the PDF icon.


We very much hope you will read this for a deeper understanding about Japan.


The summer edition will be released in mid-July.

We are preparing a broad range of topics, including an introduction to colorful fireworks that light up the evening sky and a feature on women who play an active role in society. Please stay tuned!



Cabinet Public Relations Office, Cabinet Secretariat




International School in NYC looking for native Japanese speakers

If you are a native Japanese speaker or know one, the following could be an interesting opportunity:



Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, German and Spanish native speakers!

Are you passionate about working with children?

An international New York-based company is currently seeking candidates to work with an extraordinary project aimed at developing multilingual, multicultural children.

The company’s mission is to provide children a unique education so, as adults, they can uphold and promote a more joyful, humane world.

Candidates will work closely with children ages 0-10 to teach them their unique culture and language. The company is specifically looking for people who:

  • Grew up in one of the following cultures: Chinese (Mandarin), Indian (Hindi), Russian, Arab, Japanese or German.

  • Are passionate about working with children and understand the importance of education in shaping the life of individuals and communities.

  • Speak, write and read their native language fluently and without a foreign accent.

  • Speak English (in order to receive the necessary training).

  • Compensation based on level of commitment. We have both part time and full time positions.

For more information or to apply for one of these prestigious positions, please contact:

Elizabeth Gomez

+1 551-655-9193

elizabethg3 [at] hotmail [dot] com


JET Q&A and Social Hour



STILL SEEKING VOLUNTEERS!! Help new JETs by answering their questions and sharing your words of wisdom (and stories!). If you can volunteer, for any amount of time, contact Susan Gill, at the Consulate General of Japan, Boston. (Contact info below). This Saturday at the Boston Children’s Museum.

 If you can’t make the event join us after (around 4:30/5) at Lucky’s Lounge (directions here) for a casual social hour! Chat with old friends and meet the new JETs!


Details about the even from Susan Gill: 


In a few days, on Saturday, June 28 we will be holding an Orientation for this year’s group of new JETs and we need your help!  The Orientation will be held at the Boston Children’s Museum, mainly in the 5th floor meeting spaces. An NEJETAA Social Hour will follow at Lucky’s Lounge!

The goal of Orientation is to give new JETs an idea of what they should do to prepare to move to Japan in early August.  What will they need to bring or leave behind?  What should they wear to work? Which things are better bought here or in Japan?  We will also give an introduction to Japanese-style living in the Boston Children’s Museum’s Japanese house (kyo no machiya).

This year, Tokyo-to will be accepting some JETs, including 12 from Boston.  If you have some experience living on your own in Tokyo (non-university / non-corporate budget) I’m sure Tokyo-bound JETs would appreciate your advice.

If you are interested in helping out, please email Susan Gill (s [dot] gill [at] bz [dot] mofa [dot] go [dot] jpwith the topics that you are willing and able to speak on and order of preference. While the Orientation lasts all day, you need only attend during the time of your presentation.  Some topics (especially the longer ones) can benefit from a pair of presenters.  Timing is flexible, but due to museum constraints, “Money and Banking” and “Living in the Japanese Style” [in the kyo no machiya] are presented first.  For these two topics, JETs are split into two smaller groups and each presentation is made twice.

WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS! Email Susan to let her know if you have any questions and to find out how you can help!

Money and Banking (45 minutes x 2)
Living in the Japanese Style (45 minutes x2)
Emergencies—(15 minutes)

Omiyage — (20 minutes)
Clothing—How to Dress & Regional Considerations—(25 minutes)
Communications/Technology–(30 minutes)
Teaching Materials —   (15 minutes)
Japanese Language Learning – (15 minutes)
Q&A Free-for-all/ Things That We Wished We’d Brought
Medication & Baggage— (15 minutes)




Plenty of fortunes at Japan Festival Boston

We had a great time at the Japan Festival Boston, at the Cambridge River Arts Festival this past Saturday! We had a fantastic turnout from NEJETAA members and festival goers alike. Thank you for our members who volunteered – we couldn’t have done it without you. Also thank you to everyone who helped us write omikuji! They were so popular that we ran out for the second year in a row. By the end, our bamboo tree was bogged down with everyone’s curses!


It was a great opportunity to share our stories of Japan and promote the JET Program! By the way: another great chance to get involved is coming up! Help the next wave of JETs by answering their questions at the JET Q&A and/or join for an informal Social Hour to follow. Details here


japan fest2014


flower arrangement ikenobo boston

Japanese flower arranging classes, June 18th, July 16th

If you’re interested in trying your hand at Japanese flower arranging, check out this information we recently received from a member of the Ikenobo Japanese Flower Arranging Society about two upcoming beginners classes in June and July:
 ————flower arrangement ikenobo boston
TRY New Monthly Evening FUN Creative Beginners Japanese Flower Arranging Class. In this hands on class you will learn the basics of Japanese Flower Design from the President of Ikenobo Boston. The Ikenobo style has the longest tradition of Japanese Flower Arranging. You MUST RSVP and pay in advance as the Instructor will buy your flowers for you from the Boston Flower Market.
RSVP to: GloriaHammac [at] Juno [dot] com Bring scissors/garden shears.
Cost: a modest $35 for Flowers + Instruction. You may attend as many classes as you like. Each month we will have DIFFERENT Flowers + Learn a NEW Technique. IMPORTANT: The Instructor REQUIRES PAYMENT IN ADVANCE.
Dates: June 18th from 6–8pm (repeats July 16th)
Venue: TOTO Gallery,  123 North Washington Street in Boston
On street parking. Or park in the nearby Government Center garage. MBTA: Haymarket or North Station the Orange and Green Lines.
More about our AWESOME Instructor. He is the PRESIDENT of Ikenobo Boston. Ikenobo is the original and oldest style of Japanese Flower Arranging. The Instructor is J.Padilla-Zamudio. He has certification from Ikenobo Headquarters in Japan to teach. He goes back frequently to Kyoto, Japan to learn from his Ikebana Masters. He has taught for 15 years. He discovered Ikebana while studying Science in Japan. He is a Scientist by Day. Japanese Flower Arranging Teacher by Nite.

As far as we know, we are the ONLY ones with a downtown Nite after work  Boston Japanese Flower Arranging Class.
For more info about our Classes, please see our Japanese Flower Arranging Meetup Site at: http://www.Meetup.com/Japanese-Flower-Arranging 
It is FREE to join. We have many pics of past classes, upcoming Classes & Events, etc… 

Short-term job: Japanese speaking consultant in Cambridge, $500/program

IOR Global Services is seeking a Japanese speaking consultant for a 2 day program starting June 20. This is 2 days (16 hrs) which may be spread out throughout the week. The client is based in Cambridge.


From www.IORWorld.com:


IOR Destination Services Consultants (DSCs) are contract employees, retained by IOR to assist families who are relocating globally with the myriad of details involved in settling into their new lives.  The goal is to ease the transition for each client family within the allotted program time prescribed by our client’s policy.  Typically, our corporate clients provide 2 – 6 days (16 – 48 hours) of assistance for their relocating employees.  Program time is spread out over several weeks to a few months and includes both full and partial days.  While each family’s needs are different, it is our responsibility to complete our programs within these time constraints.” 


Official Website: http://www.iorworld.com/destination-services-consultant-pages-422.php  

Compensation: US$500/program.


All candidates must submit a CV for consideration.


Contact: Anne Pereira 

Email: apereira [at] iorworld [dot] com

Phone: (248) 515-0942 

Job: Office Assistant / Receptionist at the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (JFLA), seeks a friendly and cooperative Office Assistant/Receptionist to support everyday office work. 
<JOB TITLE> Office Assistant/Receptionist (3 month contract basis)
<HOURS> 35 hours per week
Monday: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Tuesday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
1. Courteously greet visitors and direct visitors when necessary
2. Answer calls in both Japanese and English
3. Edit English documents written by non-native English speakers
4. Translate documents from Japanese to English
5. Collect sort and distribute daily mail, and deliver outbound mail to post-box. Assist with shipping packages via UPS, FedEx and OCS
6. File and copy documents as needed
7. Maintain supplies by checking stock to determine inventory levels; anticipating requirements; placing and expediting orders
8. Become an advocate for JFLA on Facebook, update event information, engage in dialogue and answer questions
9. Under Librarian’s supervision, performs circulation desk procedures, such as checking in/out materials, register members and collect fines
10. Maintain volunteer database and personnel files. Coordinate volunteer activities
11. Assist with needs of the Director
12. Assist with various administrative tasks or projects as needed
4 years college degree (minimum)
Appropriate visa status to be able to legally work in the United States
1. Native level English
2. Business level Japanese, Japanese Proficiency Test above N2 (preferred), High Listening, Speaking and Reading skills required
3. Able to proofread and edit English documents written by non-native English speakers
4. 2 years office assistant or equivalent experience
5. Word, Excel and SNS (Social Network Service) knowledge
6. Friendly and cooperative attitude with willingness to work and share in a team environment
7. Able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously 
<To Apply>
Please send a resume and cover letter via e-mail to office at jflalc dot org with “Office Assistant/Receptionist” in the subject line by Friday, June 30, 2014. This position is open until filled. Finalists for this position will be interviewed in person or by video conference.