Discounted accommodations for female JET alums for Boston Career Forum!

The next Career Forum for individuals with Japanese language ability will be the annual Boston Career Forum coming up on Nov. 20-22.
This is the largest Career Forum with about 200 companies from various industries recruiting for business, creative, and technical positions around the world.

Registration and attendance is of course free. More information on this year’s Boston Career Forum is available at:

Additionally, thanks to the support of the New England JETAA and Dan Lowe at the Showa Boston Institute, discounted accommodations and meals at the Showa Women’s Institute and shuttle bus services are available for female JET alumni.
Details and a reservation request form are available at:

Don’t hesitate to contact Catherine Rackley (Chiba-ken, 2005-2006) at c.rackley [at] discointer [dot] com if you have any questions at all.

Boston Career Forum (Nov.) and LA Career Forum(Oct.)!

It’s that time of year again! Job seekers looking for bilingual Japanese-English employment should not miss out on the biggest opportunities to meet Japanese recruiters! The LA Career Forum will be held in October and the Boston Career Forum will be held in November!

Mark your calendars!

– Los Angeles Career Forum —–
October 10 & 11 (Sat. & Sun.)
Currently 13 companies participating including:

– Boston Career Forum —–
November 20 – 22 (Fri. – Sun.)
Currently 130 companies participating including:

Resource for Job Seeking JETs! iiicareer

Starting last year iiicareer / interesse international inc., a Japanese employment agency ( launched the “Homecoming Career Support for JET Alumni” project. iiicareer is happy to continue supporting the JET Alumni’s job searches and has branch offices in 15 locations in the U.S. and Japan, and also meet the needs of distant candidates with on-line interviews.
You can also search open positions and register on their site at the following links:

Opportunity: Host a Japanese intern for 1 to 3 weeks in May (LEX America)

*Hosting Opportunity*
LEX America, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which provides community-based multilingual immersion language programs is seeking host families for our next intern.  Please let us know if you might be interested in welcoming a young grandpa from Japan into your home for one to three weeks in May!!

Individuals and families who have hosted LEX interns from Japan or Mexico have made wonderful friendships and enjoyed learning about other countries and viewing their own country and culture through fresh eyes.  Interns are flexible and expect to join in your normal routine – they want to experience ordinary daily life in the U.S.

Interns will spend approximately three days each week working in the LEX office and participating in our language clubs in North Cambridge, so access to public transportation is helpful.  If the host family is available on other weekdays, the intern may join you in your regular activities, and if you are not available, the intern will be independent on those days.

Interns are all carefully selected members of the LEX organization in Japan or Mexico.  They are 18 or older, and typically have previous experience with homestay travel.  Their *English* level may vary from beginner to fluent. They all have good *communication* skills, and are curious, kind, flexible, and open-minded.

Hosts may be individuals or families of any shape or size who wish to open their home to a visitor.  Hosts are volunteers and will receive a small stipend to help cover meals the intern eats at home.

For more information, please contact info at lexlrf dot org.

Opportunity: Become a Country Rep for JETAA USA, Deadline 3/5

The term for serving JETAA USA as a CR is one year and is determined by a vote of all chapters. There are three CR positions to be voted on for 2015-16. The requirements for candidacy can also be found in Article IX (pg 6) of the JETAA USA Bylaws available via the link or on our website ( >> About JETAA >> Bylaws).
All candidates must submit a platform by March 5 (Thursday), 2015 in order to be considered. 
These can be submitted to Jessyca Livingston, Elections Officer, as an email attachment. 
Any incomplete, falsified or late platforms will not be considered.
A platform consists of 4 total pieces. These items are also outlined and available on the CR Elections webpage of our JETAA USA website. All platform items will be posted to the public JETAA USA website as that will be the online resource used to present this year’s candidates:
  1. a written platform– this should not exceed two written pages; examples are on the website (About JETAA >> Current Country Reps >> select any of the current CR’s landing pages)
  2. a headshot of the candidate
  3. the Chapter Endorsement form– this should be filled out by chapter officers for the chapter where the candidate served as an officer
  4. the Financial Endorsement form– this should be filled out by chapter officers from the chapter that the candidate is currently a member of
**Please send a Microsoft Word version of your platform since I have to cut/ paste the information onto the website! PDFs are completely fine for the Endorsement forms. (FYI- both Endorsement forms require signatures of chapter officers.)
In preparation to become a CR or to help you decide whether or not to run, I recommend reading the JETAA USA Bylaws and the CR Job Description. This will help you understand what responsibilities you can expect to take on as CR and how the organization functions as a whole. Of course, any of the current CRs would be more than happy to discuss the position with you as well!
Platforms can be submitted electronically to: 
jessyca dot livingston at gmail dot com
Good luck!

Opportunity: Run to be a JETAA USA Country Representative

A message from Jessyca Livingston of RMJETAA:
The time is upon us to gear up for Country Representative elections! I will be serving as your Elections Officer for these elections again this year.All three JETAA USA CR positions will be available, as they are every year. Current CRs are welcome to run again and we also welcome and encourage new folks to run. I am happy to speak with anyone interested in running to discuss what the position entails, responsibilities involved and generally how the CRs and Advisory Board function together as a team. I’m sure any of the current CRs would be happy to speak to you about this as well. It is a very fulfilling experience and as a CR you will have the opportunity to support JETAA endeavors on a national scale while working with some fantastic people engaged in US-Japan relations.You can read about the election process and requirements in detail in our Bylaws (Article IX / pg 6). You can also see the relevant documents and general information in the CR Elections portion of our website. Here are the Cliff’s Notes version of requirements to in order to be considered as a CR candidate:

A candidate for the position of JETAA USA CR must be:

  • an alum of the JET Program;
  • a registered member of a US Chapter;
  • in good standing with their member chapter;
  • a current or past duly-elected or non-elected officer of a local chapter who has served at least one complete term at the local chapter level; the candidate does not necessarily have to currently reside in the area where s/he was a chapter officer
  • have attended at least one National Conference as a conference delegate.

I’ll follow up next week with platform submission information and relevant documents. And again, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

-Jessyca Livingston (RMJETAA)
JETAA USA Advisory Board Member

JETAA USA CR 2010-2012
E: jessyca dot livingston at gmail dot com

KCJS Summer Programs in Intermediate, Advanced and Classical Japanese

KCJS Summer Programs in Intermediate, Advanced and Classical Japanese

The Kyoto Consortium of Japanese Studies (KCJS) is pleased to announce its Summer Programs in Intermediate, Advanced and Classical Japanese.

These intensive programs, held at Doshisha University in Kyoto, offers training in intermediate, advanced or classical Japanese for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students who have completed one year of Japanese or the equivalent. Students enroll in the intermediate, advanced or the classical course, each of which carries eight points of credit on a Columbia University transcript upon

Language instruction will be provided by the regular faculty of KCJS, which is now in its 26nd year as a highly successful junior-year-abroad program in Kyoto,and by visiting faculty from member schools of the KCJS consortium. Conversation partners will be arranged for students of modern Japanese to provide additional speaking practice. Field trips (including one overnight trip), guest lectures, and other activities that utilize Kyoto’s rich cultural resources complement classroom instruction. Students live in homestays or apartments near campus.

For further details about the KCJS Summer Programs, please visit

IUC Nippon Foundation Fellowship Program (2015-2016)


Interuniversity Center for Japanese Language Studies  Kids


The IUC (Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies) is one of the leading Japanese language institute for highest level of Japanese.  Since 2013, the Nippon Foundation has offered fellowships to 10 promising graduate students of Japan Studies doctorate courses in the US, who participated 10 months Japanese language training course in Yokohama.  

The Nippon Foundation has decided to expand the number of grantees from 10 to 20, and also to extend the scope of the program from Japanese Studies to Professional Schools such as law, MBA, governmental officials, journalists and so on.  This is a new initiative that will start from 2016, and IUC has recently made announcement for the application from potential candidates. This program is a great opportunity for former JETs seeking to continue their professional career paths in fields that are related to Japan. 

For more details about the program and instructions to apply, visit:

Additional Questions? Please contact IUC secretariat; IUCJAPAN [at] STANFORD [dot] EDU.

Movie Role: Bi-lingual Japanese adults needed for Feature Film!

CP Casting is setting up meetings with bi-lingual Japanese adults between the ages of 25 and 60 years old, who live in New England, and who would be interested in playing a role in a feature film.  This is paid work for a speaking role in a movie.  The commitment would entail 1 or 2 days work between July 28 and September 12 in central Massachusetts.

Movie Title: “THE SEA OF TREES”
Director: Gus Van Sant
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts, and Ken Watanabe

The story follows a suicidal American (McConaughey) who befriends a man (Watanabe) lost in Japan’s Aokigahara forest.  He sets out to help save the Japanese man and changes his own life in the process.

C.P. Casting, Inc.
537 Tremont Street
Boston, MA  02116

Meetings are no longer than 10 minutes.  You will meet with Carolyn Pickman, the local casting director.
Any interested bi-lingual Japanese adults who live in the area may sign up for one of the remaining available meeting times by visiting the website below and following the instructions.  Thank you.

Paid Fellowship: 2014-2015 Harvard Fellowship in Japanese Digital Humanities and Social Science

The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University announces a special fellowship for the 2014-2015 academic year (with the potential to be renewed for one additional year), for a person in any field of East Asian studies, with extensive expertise in the digital humanities or qualitative digital data management in the social sciences. The fellow will be expected to assist faculty, students, and research affiliates, as described below, and assist specific digital projects such as the Constitutional Revision in Japan Research Project and especially the Digital Archive of Japan’s 2011 Disasters (  
Applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree, in East Asian (preferably Japanese) studies, in any area of the humanities or social sciences. This will be a 12-month fellowship, commencing on August 1, 2014, and the annual fellowship stipend will be $50,000. The application deadline is June 15, 2014. 
Responsibilities specific to the Digital Archive of the 2011 disasters will include working with programmers to refine and maintain the archive’s user interface, working with existing and potential new content partners to connect their resources to the archive, and helping to build a global user community. In addition, the fellow will provide assistance to affiliates of the Reischauer Institute in the following sorts of activities: 
• Defining appropriate research questions and terminology, where relevant 
• Selecting appropriate print and electronic information sources and tools 
• Designing search strategies to ensure retrieval of potentially relevant information 
• Developing rigorous methods of information extraction and analysis 
• Identifying background information to place the findings in context 
A strong working knowledge of Japanese and English languages is required. While the position will not require any direct coding, candidates for the position must be able to work closely with programmers and designers employing a variety of web technologies and programming languages, be able to understand and evaluate their work, and have the ability to effectively communicate between technical and non-technical project collaborators. An ideal candidate will have had experience designing and hosting websites (including a familiarity with HTML, CSS, and Javascript), maintaining online databases (MySQL or PostgreSQL), coding for the web (PHP or other web coding language), writing simple scripts for data scraping and management (Python or other scripting language), and working with Git code repositories or other version control systems, as well as an understanding of the principles behind the functioning of web APIs.  
 Application Process: 
Applicants should send their applications (via email as a PDF document) to tgilman at fas dot harvard dot edu. Each application should consist of the following items in the order listed below:  
• Cover sheet: Please provide the following information, in numbered order, starting each item on a new line. 
1. Name (first, LAST & email address) 
2. University & dept. (of highest degree) 
3. Field of Study 
4. Date degree received (or, if pending, give specific timeline) 
5. Summary of experience relevant to working with digital media, up to 500 words. 
• Curriculum vitae: please include citizenship, Social Security number, current and permanent addresses, telephone number(s), email address; academic degrees with dates of conferral, discipline and institution. 
• Official transcript of grades 
• Two letters of recommendation (One letter must be from someone who can comment on your experience relevant to working with digital media. These letters may be submitted separately (via email) by the recommender  
Please direct all inquiries to: 
Dr. Theodore J. Gilman 
Executive Director 
Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies 
1730 Cambridge Street, Room S234 
Cambridge, MA 02138 
Email: tgilman at fas dot harvard dot edu 
Telephone: (617) 495-3220