Mother’s Way, Daughter’s Choice


Film Screening: Mother’s Way, Daughter’s Choice

Showa Boston invites any interested JET alumni or friend of JET to attend its public screening of the film “Mother’s Way, Daughter’s Choice.”

A Q&A session with the film’s director, Ms. Kyoka Gasha, will follow.


“I love my mother,
but I just don’t want
to be like her.”

Why would successful women from the world’s second largest economic power choose to start their lives over in New York City? The documentary “Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice” explores how several Japanese women struggle to reconcile their traditional upbringing and their desire to create unique lives. To understand these struggles, the director, Kyoko Gasha, shows the deep, powerful influences of Japanese culture on her own life.Kyoko also uncovers stories of other Japanese women in New York City, weaving parallel tales of guilt, denial, sacrifice and joy. This is a story of cultures clashing on a personal level.

Showa Boston offers free on-campus parking, as well as a free shuttle from Reservoir station (Green Line, D-Branch) at 4:50pm and 5:50pm.

To inquire about dinner options, please contact Alex Reavill at

Cranes on the Square @ Copley Square (3/8, 11:30 am -4:30 pm)

Cranes on the Square @ Copley Square

Sunday, March 8thfrom 11:30am to 4:30pm on the Plaza of Copley Square in Boston



My name is Timothy Nagaoka, and I teach Japanese in the Boston Public Schools. With the support of the Japanese Consulate in Boston, the Fish Family Foundation, Boston’s Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Japan Society of Boston, I am organizing an event called, “Cranes on the Square @ Copley Square” on Sunday, March 8th on the Plaza of Copley Square in Boston. The event will commemorate the Fourth Anniversary of the Great Northeast Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th, 2011.

Come to fold paper cranes

“Cranes on the Square” will take place on the Plaza of Copley Square in Boston. The event is open to the public, and it is free to participate. The event is centered around an interactive display where passersby will participate in making paper cranes, which they will then add to the display. Cork Styrofoam panels will be placed on the plaza, and as the participants fold the paper cranes they will use skewers to stick the paper cranes onto the panels. As more people participate, the panels will fill with paper cranes. Students studying Japanese and Japanese volunteers will set up tables around the display to teach people how to make the paper cranes.

Or, come to teach others how to fold paper cranes


The goal of the event is to get the public involved in an activity that brings awareness to the tragedy that occurred in Japan four years ago and to remind them of the survivors who continue to rebuild from the wreckage. As one who lived through the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, I know how devastating a major disaster can be, and how easily the rest of the world moves on while the survivors are left to rebuild. The event will remind people of the disaster and the survivors who continue to rebuild in the Northeast region of Japan.

Please take a moment to remember the tragedy, and fold a paper crane

This is a timelapse video taken of the event posted on Youtube. It shows the entire event in two minutes.

Obon Festival at Showa!

Showa Boston is partnering with the Japan Society of Boston for an O-Bon Festival. All are encouraged to attend!
The following is from the Japan Society of Boston’s web page.
For full details, please visit: 
O-Bon Festival

Saturday, August 23, 4pm-8pm

The Grounds of Showa Boston
420 Pond Street
Boston, MA 02130


Mark your calendars for the annual Obon Festival, held on the grounds of Showa Boston.  Obon is the annual Japanese summer custom of honoring the spirit of one’s ancestors.  The Obon customs are not somber, but done in a festive and celebratory mood.  This will be a fun picnic-style event complete with traditional Japanese summer games and Obon activites such as Bon Odori dancing.



Admission, parking, and events will be free.  You may bring your own picnic dinner, or purchase a Showa Dinner Box.  

Dinner Boxes may be bought on site for $8.


Dinner Box Options:
1. Chicken Katsu with rice and green salad served cold – bottle of water and fruit or cookies 

2. Tofu Katsu (v) with rice and green salad served cold- bottle of water and fruit or cookies 


The kitchen will prepare a limited number of Dinner Boxes for purchase the day of ($8)

We will do our best to have an ample supply but can’t guarantee there will be enough for everyone if demand is high.

All are encouraged to bring a picnic!

Host an adult intern from Japan this fall!

Here’s a fun opportunity passed along by former Ehime JET, Elizabeth: 

Host a multilingual adult intern from Japan this fall, or in the future!! LEX America, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, is seeking host families in the Boston/Cambridge area. We have hosting opportunities around the year, but our immediate need is a host for an adult (mid-career) intern from Japan this fall. All LEX interns are tmultilingual, and are experienced hosts and travelers themselves. They are flexible and expect to simply participate as host families go about their regular routines. Interns spend at least 20 hours a week in the office. Host families receive a small stipend to offset the cost of extra food and utilities. This intern will come to the U.S. in Oct to the end of Nov. We are looking for hosts for as short as two weeks or as long as two months. If you would like to know more about this hosting opportunity of future opportunities, please e-mail info [at] lexlrf [dot] org or phone 617-354-1140. 

 Also please feel free to share this posting with others. Elizabeth Former JET, Ehime

Join the Consulate in RI this weekend at the Black Ships Festival

Celebrate The Summer Like They Do In Japan

This weekend, on Saturday, July 19, the 31st Annual Black Ships Festival will be held in Newport, RI. The festival celebrates the arrival of Commodore Perry’s arrival in Japan and the historic beginning of the US-Japan relationship.  The Consulate General of Japan in Boston will have a booth there and could use some help putting on their activities. 


Join staff and volunteers from the Consulate General of Japan in Boston for summer festival fun. Celebrate the summer holiday of Tanabata by writing a wish on a paper streamer and hanging it from the bamboo branches. Kids can try their hand at typical summer festival games such as Yo-yo Tsuri (fishing for balloons) and other activities.

The Consulate General of Japan in Boston would like to invite NEJETAA members to either ride with them to Newport or meet them there to help.  It’s a nice afternoon spent in a park and volunteers can come and go from the booth, taking time to check out other festival activities.  Volunteers should contact Susan Gill at s [dot] gill [at] bz [dot] mofa [dot] go [dot] jp  or 617 973 9772 x122.

A message from the Prime Minister’s Office to JETAA

Greetings to all members of JET Alumni Association from the Cabinet Public Relations Office of the Government of Japan.


“We Are Tomodachi” is an e-book published with the aim of further deepening people’s understanding of the initiatives of the Government of Japan and the charms of Japan.


With the recent events that have taken place, including the visit to Japan by the U.S. President and the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to European countries from late April to early May, we recently released the spring/summer edition, which is a revised version of the spring edition. The link is as follows. 


We are Tomodachi Spring/ Summer 2014


*Clicking on the E-BOOK icon at the center of the screen will allow you to view the e-book in browsing mode.

The PDF version is available for download by clicking on the PDF icon.


We very much hope you will read this for a deeper understanding about Japan.


The summer edition will be released in mid-July.

We are preparing a broad range of topics, including an introduction to colorful fireworks that light up the evening sky and a feature on women who play an active role in society. Please stay tuned!



Cabinet Public Relations Office, Cabinet Secretariat



Opportunity: TOMODACHI Leadership Program deadline 4/11

The TOMODACHI leadership program for young professionals (target age is 35 years or younger) is in their final days of accepting applications. They hope to recruit two quality applicants from the Boston area.
This is a unique opportunity for young professionals, especially those who contribute to the local economy through their business or government work, who would be interested in an opportunity to join a 10-person delegation from the States and visit Japan. 
All costs are covered through the generous contribution of Mitsui & Co., and it’s a terrific way for either someone with an interest in Japan to build their knowledge or to find leaders (future or current) who would benefit from learning more about Japan to increase their global outlook.   We are not recruiting Japan specialists per se.
Please find the letter from United States Ambassador to Japan, Caroline B. Kennedy, and U.S.-Japan Council President, Irene Hirano Inouye along with detailed information about this year’s program below.
More details are also available through this link:

Calling all former JETAA officers: Apply to be a Country Representative

JETAA USA has 3 Country Representative positions, and elections are just around the corner!  If you have served as a JETAA chapter officer for 1 or more years in the past, and  want to make a difference for the JETAA network on a national level, please email us so we can prepare paperwork and answer any questions.  It also comes with perks – beyond representing us at local area events, CR budget affords you the chance to go to the 2015 National Conference in Seattle!

All candidates must submit a platform by March 30 (Sunday), 2014.
Details about running here.


Our very own Christina Omori, Christina Omori with former NEJETAA President, Stephanie Simpson-Whitehas served as Country Representative for the past 2 years and has been an amazing resource to NEJETAA and other chapters across the country.  Highlights from her tenure include using her social media and web skills to keep us apprised of what is happening at the National level, being a major powerhouse and contributor to planning the JETAA USA Regional Conference in Boston, making strides toward building National Capacity with the working group, and much, much more.

Thank you, Christina, for your service as both Country Rep and 5 years as NEJETAA webmaster!!


March 6 Fundraiser to Benefit Spaulding Rehabilitation

Passed to us by Julie Feeney (Saga, ’05-’06). Support a fellow JET Alumna and a great cause! 

March 6 Fundraiser to Benefit Spaulding Rehabilitation 

Thursday, March 6 at Doyle’s Cafe 3484 Washington Street in Jamaica Plain starting at 6:30pm there is a fundraiser to benefit Spaulding Rehabilitation.  
Spaulding is where many Marathon survivors receive ongoing care.  Julie Feeney is a Jet Programme alumna (Saga Shi, 05-06).  The $20 entrance fee gets you two raffle tickets (additional to purchase) and free appetizers and pizza (as they last).  
Some prizes are a one-year membership to Boston Sports Club, a $100 gift basket from the Polkadog Bakery, $25 gift certificate from the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain and many others.  Please come and support a great cause, enjoy great company and compete for great prizes.  
Any questions call Julie 573-355-0891 or julie_feeney at yahoo dot com